Mazeway Resynthesis

by Mary Cobham

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Jesse Dangerously This album is genuinely brilliant in every way. It time travels me, and feelings travels me. Favorite track: Fire Song.
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Mazeway Resynthesis: An album about psychological transformation

Mazeway Resynthesis is a psychological process by which individuals reorganize their values, ethical codes, and their understandings of how they fit into the world. It usually begins when a person's ethics and values fail them.

Imagine placing a huge amount of your sense of worth into something, and then failing at it. Beyond the overwhelming emotions and cognitive dissonance you would experience, how would you move on from this? For most people it would require an adjustment, perhaps even an overhaul, to the way they previously valued themselves and others. It would require reappraisal of general philosophies, and mostly likely the creation of a new moral code to live by. YOU have probably been through this yourself in some area of your life. Mazeway Resynthesis, the album, uses music and lyrics to illustrate Mary Cobham's own experience undergoing this process.

Religious founders are often known to have undergone resynthesis. They recall times of high stress and confusion during development, and an inability to see themselves as living up to certain standards in their world. Then one day, their transformations are catalyzed by a particular event or omen that alters their perception of their situation. They experience periods of isolation, estrangement and obsessive inward focusing, which are typical of mazeway. The process culminates in dream-like states, where their world suddenly appears to contain super powerful forces and indescribable new meanings. This new sense of meaning eventually translates into a new system of values on which to act that the individual can articulate.

The experience of mazeway resynthesis is also sometimes linked to psychology and mental health, as its characteristics resemble those of psychosis and other mental illnesses. It reminds us that the psychological processes involved in mental disorders are not simply unique to people who are diagnosed with mental illnesses. These adaptations are normal and useful human means for responding to stresses. They are not so far away from any supposedly sane human being.


released August 1, 2011



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Mary Cobham Vancouver, British Columbia

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